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When Harry Met Sally… (1989) : เพื่อนรักเพื่อน

When Harry Met Sally… (1989) : เพื่อนรักเพื่อน

100 min

Country: United States

Director: John Gray

Actors: Allan Arbus…Annabella PriceAnnabeth GishJanet CarrollJohn M. JacksonJohn TerleskyJordan Charney…Kevin DillonKim MyersStephen Elliott

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Movie plot

At a California university, Lyn goes to meet her best friend Melanie in the dorm room of Melanie's boyfriend Ron, a football star. When Lyn arrives, Melanie is not there. Ron forces himself on Lyn. When she resists, Ron throws her on the bed and rapes her. Lyn initially tries to forget about it, but when she does decide to pursue a university hearing, the pressure of Melanie, Ron, and the school is brought to bear... Written by David Woodfield

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