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Trapped (2002): กระชากแผนไถ่อำมหิต Trailer

Trapped (2002): กระชากแผนไถ่อำมหิต

106 min

Country: GermanyUnited States

Director: Luis Mandoki

Actors: Charlize TheronCourtney LoveDakota FanningGarry ChalkJodie MarkellKevin BaconMatt Koby…Pruitt Taylor VinceSteve RankinStuart Townsend

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Movie plot

When their daughter is abducted and taken for ransom by a gang of serial kidnappers, a young doctor and his wife find themselves held hostage while a 24-hour plan to extort their money is set into motion. Now, with time running out and the health of their asthmatic daughter at serious risk, they find themselves in a life-and-death race against the clock as the "perfect crime" begins spiraling towards an unthinkable, terrifying and deadly conclusion.

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