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The Saint (1997): จารชนพันหน้า ฝ่าปฏิบัติการสะท้านโลก

The Saint (1997): จารชนพันหน้า ฝ่าปฏิบัติการสะท้านโลก

116 min

Country: United States

Director: Phillip Noyce

Actors: Alun ArmstrongElisabeth ShueEvgeniy LazarevHenry GoodmanIrina ApeksimovaLev Prygunov…Michael ByrneRade SerbedzijaVal KilmerValeriy Nikolaev

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Movie plot

Simon Templar has no real family, no real home, and Simon Templar isn't even his real name. Yet, Simon Templar, also known as the Saint for his use of creating false identities using the names of Catholic saints, is one of the world's most successful thieves. Slick, debonair, and a master of disguise, Simon manages to outwit the police again and again. On his next job, he is hired by the Russian Mafia to steal a cold fusion energy formula from scientist Emma Russel. However, the mission backfires as he falls for the pretty, intelligent scientist. Simon and his new love must now manage to outwit the Russian Mafia and work out the energy formula before the worst happens, and the U.S. is affected forever. Written by LadyN1

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