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The Net (1995): อินเตอร์เน็ตนรก Trailer

The Net (1995): อินเตอร์เน็ตนรก

114 min

Country: United States

Director: Irwin Winkler

Actors: Daniel SchorrDennis MillerDiane BakerJeremy NorthamKen HowardL. Scott CaldwellRay McKinnonRobert Gossett…Sandra BullockWendy Gazelle

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Movie plot

Angela Bennett is a computer expert. This young and beautiful analyst is never far from a computer and modem. The only activity she has outside of computers is visiting her mother. A friend, whom she's only spoken to over the net and phone, Dale Hessman, sent her a program with a weird glitch for her to de-bug. That night, he left to meet her and was killed in a plane crash. Angela discovers secret information on the disk she has received only hours before she leaves for vacation. Her life then turns into a nightmare, her records are erased from existence and she is given a new identity, one with a police record. She struggles to find out why this has happened and who has it in for her. Written by Cyril Morcrette

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