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The Matrix Revolutions (2003): ปฏิวัติมนุษย์เหนือโลก Trailer

The Matrix Revolutions (2003): ปฏิวัติมนุษย์เหนือโลก

129 min

Country: United States

Director: Lana WachowskiLilly Wachowski

Actors: David Bowers…Francine BellHelmut BakaitisHenry BlasingameIan BlissKate BeahanMary AliceMonica Bellucci…Rachel BlackmanTanveer K. Atwal

Genres: Uncategorized

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Movie plot

Neo finds himself trapped between the Matrix and the Real World. Meanwhile, Zion is preparing for the oncoming war with the machines with very little chances of survival. Neo's associates set out to free him from The Merovingian since it's believed that he is the One who will end the war between humans and the machines. What they do not know is that there is a threat from a third party, someone who has plans to destroy both worlds. Written by Soumitra

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