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The Goonies (1985) : กูนี่ส์ ขุมทรัพย์ดำดิน Trailer

The Goonies (1985) : กูนี่ส์ ขุมทรัพย์ดำดิน

114 min

Country: United States

Director: Richard Donner

Actors: Corey FeldmanJeff CohenJoe PantolianoJohn MatuszakJosh BrolinKe Huy QuanKerri GreenMartha PlimptonRobert DaviSean Astin

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Movie plot

Mikey and his friends have always wanted to go on an adventure. One night they are all in Mikey's attic and Mikey stumbles across an old map. Mikey has always wanted to know if One-eyed Willy ever was a real person and now he might. They set off and later realize that they have to go through the evil Mama Fratelli's restaurant to get to a secret passage to the caves. As they try to get into the caves Mama Fratelli catches Chuck and he is left behind. He then meets Sloth one of Mama Fratelli's sons with a messed up face. He befriends Sloth. Meanwhile Mama Fratelli and her sons are trying to get to the treasure too. Will the kids make it there before Mama Fratelli does? Will Chuck ever get out of her basement? Written by Black Wolf

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