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The Bourne Identity (2002): ล่าจารชน ยอดคนอันตราย Trailer

The Bourne Identity (2002): ล่าจารชน ยอดคนอันตราย

119 min

Country: Czech RepublicFranceGermanyUnited States

Director: Doug Liman

Actors: Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje…Brian CoxChris CooperClive OwenFranka PotenteGabriel Mann…Josh HamiltonJulia StilesMatt DamonWalton Goggins

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Movie plot

When a body is recovered at sea still alive, the mystery man (Damon) seems to have forgotten everything in life, including who he was. Eventually he begins to remember smaller details in life and soon finds out that his name was Jason Bourne. What he doesn't like is the gun and fake passports belonging to him. Now Bourne, and his new friend, Marie Helena Kreutz (Potente) travel from country to country in search of his new identity. But someone is not happy to see him alive, and is frantically trying to track him down. Written by Peet

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