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The Best of Times (1986): สองคน สองคม ถล่มเกมชนคน

The Best of Times (1986): สองคน สองคม ถล่มเกมชนคน

104 min

Country: United States

Director: Roger Spottiswoode

Actors: Donald Moffat…Donovan ScottDub TaylorHolly PalanceKurt RussellM. Emmet WalshMargaret WhittonPamela ReedR.G. ArmstrongRobin Williams

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Movie plot

Jack Dundee is a meek banker living in Taft, California. He constantly thinks about the 1972 high school football game between Taft and powerhouse Bakersfield. Dundee drops a perfect pass from quarterback and friend Reno Hightower, and the game ended in a tie. He wants to replay the game, but has trouble convincing Reno and the town to replay the game. So Jack resorts to desperate measures to make the game reality. Written by Pat McCurry

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