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The Beast (2019) Trailer

The Beast (2019)

131 min

Country: South Korea

Director: Jung-Ho Lee

Actors: Daniel ChoiHo-jung KimJa-Yeon OkJae-myung YooSeong-Bong AhnSung-min Lee

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Movie plot

A murder case takes place that shook the nation, veteran detective, Han-Su, begins investigating the case and does whatever necessary to catch the culprit, along with his junior detective, Jong-Chan. In the midst of the ongoing investigation, the drug-broker, Chun-Bae, gives Han-Su a definitive clue involving the murder case, in return for covering her relation to a murder. Han-Su's rival cop, Min-Tae, smells something fishy, and the investigation starts to take a wrong turn. Written by stavrosalo

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