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Taxi 4 (2007): แท็กซี่ ซิ่งระเบิด บ้าระห่ำ ภาค 4 Trailer

Taxi 4 (2007): แท็กซี่ ซิ่งระเบิด บ้าระห่ำ ภาค 4

91 min

Country: France

Director: Gérard Krawczyk

Actors: Bernard FarcyDriss Spinosa…Edouard MontouteEmma WiklundFrançois DamiensFrédéric DiefenthalJean-Christophe BouvetJean-Luc CouchardMourade ZeguendiSamy Naceri

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Movie plot

Unlucky, clumsy, charming Marseille PD detective Émilien Coutant-Kerbalec must assist worse-than-Clouseau commissioner Gibert guarding a Belgian criminal reputed as dangerous as - and caged like Hannibal Lector. Émilien's cool friend, taxi driver Daniel Morales, initially only agrees to babysit both their buddy-sons, as Émilien's wife Petra is away on top-secret mission. But soon the Belgian escapes, and while chasing him the mates stumble on a bank robbery and a drug king's palatial villa, where the grand finale reeks havoc. Written by KGF Vissers

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