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Silent House (2011): บ้านกระตุกหลอน Trailer

Silent House (2011): บ้านกระตุกหลอน

86 min

Country: FranceUnited States

Director: Chris KentisLaura Lau

Actors: Adam BarnettAdam TreseElizabeth OlsenEric Sheffer StevensHaley MurphyJulia Chan

Genres: Uncategorized

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Movie plot

Sarah as she and her dad go to their lakeside retreat to pack things up, as it's being sold. Her uncle also helps out.getting the place ready. When her uncle leaves to get an electrician to check the wiring, Sara hears noises sees what she believes are people inside the house. Soon, she and her dad are attacked by someone - or something, and they end up in a fight for their lives. But there's something more sinister going on. Written by Michael Hallows Eve

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