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Shaolin Soccer (2001) : นักเตะเสี้ยวลิ้มยี่ Trailer

Shaolin Soccer (2001) : นักเตะเสี้ยวลิ้มยี่

113 min

Country: ChinaHong Kong

Director: Stephen Chow

Actors: Cecilia CheungHui LiKai-Man TinKaren MokMan-Tat NgStephen ChowVincent KokWei ZhaoYat-Fei Wong…Yin Tse

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Movie plot

After a fateful mistake costing his career, an ex-soccer player bum meets a shaolin kung fu student trying to spread the word of kung fu. The ex-soccer player helps reconcile with his five brothers, and teaches them soccer, adding shaolin kung fu as a twist. Written by ravedragon

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