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In an undetermined future, society has divided in two types: upper-class or "superiors", and the rest of the world, mid and lower-class, named "inferiors". Uma is a superior teen girl who reluctant to marry with another superior named Son to be fall in love of an inferior named Markus, her mother sends her to Paradise Hills, a school for young ladies to reform rebel girls located in a remote island in the middle of the ocean. Waking up in Paradise not knowing how she arrived there, in the island she meets another students of the school: Amarna, a world pop star who was sent after she decided sing her own songs against the will of her parents and the music company that produces her albums; Chloe, an over-weight girl which parents want to turn her in a perfect woman, thin and complaint; and Yu, an inferior that after the loss of her parents was sent with her superiors aunt and uncle, who wants to make perfect and superior as them. At the same time that Uma meets the eccentric and out-of-the-reality The Duchess, Paradise Hills' headmaster, who tries to convince for changing of idea about marry Son as her mother wants, Uma starts to suspect a hidden purpose behind of the luxury of the facility, its elegant staging and the daily sessions of make-up, hairdressing, good manners, holographic projections and therapy to make them perfects. While Amarna and she plots a plan to escape, Uma shocks when Markus appears suddenly as part of the Paradise Hills' staff, for disgust of an Amarna who had started to feel attracted to Uma. Alerted by Amarna about the milk they drink as part of their dinner, Uma manages to avoid drinking and investigates Paradise Hills at night for her own risk, discovering the terrible truth: all the island is a giant control room to study the students' behavior and appearance in order to be replicated by inferior girls hired to replace them when they "back" to the world after the original is killed. With time running against her, Uma and the rest of the girls must find a way to survive before they are the next to be replaced. Written by Chockys

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