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Mystic River (2003): ปมเลือดฝังแม่น้ำ Trailer

Mystic River (2003): ปมเลือดฝังแม่น้ำ

138 min

Country: AustraliaUnited States

Director: Clint Eastwood

Actors: Emmy RossumKevin BaconKevin ChapmanLaura LinneyLaurence FishburneMarcia Gay HardenSean PennSpencer Treat ClarkTim RobbinsTom Guiry

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Movie plot

In the summer of 1975 in a neighborhood in Boston, three kids, Dave Boyle and two of his friends, Jimmy Markum and Sean Devine, are playing on the sidewalk when Dave gets abducted by two men and endures several days of sexual abuse. Eventually, Dave escapes traumatized throughout adulthood. Jimmy is an ex-con and a father of three, whose daughter Katie, is found dead, and Dave becomes the number one suspect. Sean is a homicide detective, investigating Katie's murder, ends up finding himself faced with past and present demons as more is uncovered about Katie's murder. Learning Katie had a boyfriend, ballistics later turn up a gun belonging to the father, which then puts her boyfriend as the suspect. Will Sean find out who killed Katie? Will Jimmy make it through the investigation? And will Dave ever find out what really happened when he was abducted? Written by michigans_finest

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