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My Little Bride (2004): จับยัยตัวจุ้นมาแต่งงาน

My Little Bride (2004): จับยัยตัวจุ้นมาแต่งงาน

115 min

Country: South Korea

Director: Ho-joon Kim

Actors: Bo-kyeong KimChang Yun…Eun-Sook SunwooGeun-young MoonHye-ok KimIn-mun KimJin-hie HanKi-yoon SongRae-won KimSun-yeong Ahn

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Movie plot

The only thing sixteen year-old Seo Bo-Eun's grandfather wants is to see her wed, even going as far as to fake a fatal illness to get his way. He arranges her marriage to twenty-something Park Sang-Min, the grandson of a family friend. Keeping their marriage a secret from all but a select few, the newlyweds try to live their separate lives as normally as possible, but it becomes far more complicated than they ever imagined... Written by L. Hamre

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