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Memento (2000): ภาพหลอนซ่อนรอยมรณะ Trailer

Memento (2000): ภาพหลอนซ่อนรอยมรณะ

113 min

Country: United States

Director: Christopher Nolan

Actors: Callum Keith Rennie…Carrie-Anne MossGuy PearceHarriet Sansom HarrisJoe PantolianoJorja FoxMark Boone JuniorRuss FegaStephen TobolowskyThomas Lennon

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Movie plot

Memento chronicles two separate stories of Leonard, an ex-insurance investigator who can no longer build new memories, as he attempts to find the murderer of his wife, which is the last thing he remembers. One story line moves forward in time while the other tells the story backwards revealing more each time. Written by Scion013

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