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Love Letter (1995) : ถามรักจากสายลม

Love Letter (1995) : ถามรักจากสายลม

117 min

Country: Japan

Director: Shunji Iwai

Actors: Bunjaku HanEmiko NagataEtsushi ToyokawaKaori OguriKatsuyuki ShinoharaKen MitsuishiMiho NakayamaMiki SakaiNaoki Gotô…Takashi Kashiwabara

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Movie plot

Hiroko Watanabe's fiancé Itsuki died two years earlier in a mountain climbing accident. While looking through his high school yearbook, Hiroko in a fit of grief decides to write a letter to him using his old school address. Surprisingly she receives a reply, not from the dead Itsuki, but from a woman with the same name whom had known Hiroko's fiancé in school. A relationship develops between the two women as they continue to exchange letters and share memories of the dead Itsuki. Written by Todd K. Bowman

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