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Ghost Wife (2018): นารถ

Ghost Wife (2018): นารถ

Country: Thailand

Director: Mate Yimsomboon

Actors: Chitipat WattanasiripongKamolnapatch ThanwongSupawadee KitisopakulYotin Maphobpan

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Movie plot

Nard, a high school student, falls in love with Mac, whom is a senior at the same school. Learning of Mac's relation ship with Nard, Mac's mom force him to terminate the relationship and makes him move abroad to live with his aunt. But Nard has become pregnant, and upon her mother finding out she forces her to go to an illegal clinic and have the pregnancy terminated. Things go awry and Nard dies during the procedure. However, Nard's spirit refuse to depart and becomes a vengeful ghost with her dead baby, the ghostly duo starts to haunt the apartment where she lived when she was alive. Mac returns from abroad and comes to find his girlfriend and their newborn baby living in the apartment, but he can't see things as they really are. Written by Paul M. N. Haakonsen

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