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Crow’s Thum (Karasu no oyayubi) (2012) : นิ้วโป้งอีกา

Crow’s Thum (Karasu no oyayubi) (2012) : นิ้วโป้งอีกา

160 min

Country: Japan

Director: Tadafumi Ito

Actors: BengalDaimaô KosakaHiroshi AbeNonSatomi IshiharaShigeyuki Totsugi…Shôji MurakamiTakeshi NadagiYû Koyanagi…Yûsuke Santamaria

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Movie plot

Constantly on the run from a vicious loan shark, two small-time con artists, Take and Tetsu, plan their biggest and most complex con yet in order to get revenge and retire from a life of crime. However, things get complicated when they cross paths with Mahiro, a young woman that Take inadvertently orphaned during a job gone awry years ago. Seeing Mahiro down on her luck, Take tries to relieve his guilt by taking her on as a partner, while hiding his true identity. But as his plan unfolds, Take discovers that he isn't the only one with a secret. Written by Fox International Productions

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