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City Hunter (1993) : ใหญ่ไม่ใหญ่ข้าก็ใหญ่ Trailer

City Hunter (1993) : ใหญ่ไม่ใหญ่ข้าก็ใหญ่

105 min

Country: Hong KongJapan

Director: Jing Wong

Actors: Chingmy YauEric Kot…Gary DanielsJackie ChanJoey WangKen LoKumiko GotoLap-Man SinnLeon LaiTzui-Pin Wen

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Movie plot

While searching for the daughter of a Japanese publishing magnate, private investigator Ryu Saeba and his assistant Kaori are caught up in the middle of a cruise liner highjacking. It's up to Ryu to save the day...but can he do it on an empty stomach? Written by Christopher E. Meadows

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