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Black Mass (2015): อาชญากรซ่อนเขี้ยว TH Trailer

Black Mass (2015): อาชญากรซ่อนเขี้ยว TH

123 min

Country: United KingdomUnited States

Director: Scott Cooper

Actors: Adam ScottBenedict CumberbatchDakota JohnsonDavid Harbour…Jesse PlemonsJoel EdgertonJohnny DeppKevin BaconPeter SarsgaardRory Cochrane

Genres: Uncategorized

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Movie plot

Based on a true story of James "Whitey" Bulger, an Irish Mob godfather and a FBI informant who had a "secret trading" deal with his brother, William "Billy" Bulger, a state senator and a Boston public figure, and John Connolly, an FBI agent. They planned to take down theft Italian mob and mafia in Boston, which went awry and things turned massively violent. When the credence for each other began fading out, drug dealing, murders, and extortion started to rise, and forced the FBI's Boston office to confirm that Whitey Bulger was one of the most notorious criminals in US history and also one of the FBI's Ten Most Wanted List criminals. Written by Gusde

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